Industry 4.0

Interoperable Design: An Additive Perspective on Industry 4.0

A Stratasys Strategic Consulting series capturing an additive perspective on industry 4.0. Can anybody remember actually touching a genuine blueprint? That feeling of fear as you walked down the hallway to the drafting office with yet another change request weighing heavily on your mind? You gently push open the door and there she was, the … Read More

Industrial Revolution?

An Additive Perspective on Industry 4.0

A Stratasys Strategic Consulting series capturing an additive perspective on industry 4.0. Industry 4.0: Is this ‘fourth industrial revolution‘ just another buzzword the boardroom uses while the machine shop is knee deep in oil & swarf? Meanwhile, nobody’s bothered to do a proper inventory in the stockroom, so we’ve run out of machine screws…again. Or is industry … Read More

3D Scanning Technology review

3D scanning is a tool which is becoming more and more integrated within the world of additive manufacturing. It has now established itself as a significant link in the realignment of the supply chain and design process taking us further forward into the digital era of manufacturing. But by no means is 3D scanning a … Read More

Brexit and the Future of AM Research in the UK

On Thursday the 23rd of June the UK woke up divided following a national referendum asking whether or not the country should remain or leave the European Union. Since then individuals and whole industries have been asking, “What does this mean for us?”. Nobody really knows, in fact it would seem that this uncertainty is the … Read More

Materials in Additive Manufacturing – Metals

Metals in Additive Manufacturing

Last time we took a look at all the different thermoplastics available on the AM market now we’re onto metals. We’ve limited ourselves to those that are commercially available to keep things simple, but later on we’ll have a look at how far the industry has come. Nothing in the world is ever straight forward and … Read More

Multi Jet Fusion Report – A look under the hood

In the office we’ve been quite excited for some time about the upcoming RAPID conference that’s been going on this week in Orlando, Florida. RAPID is always a big affair and this year was no different with much speculation that HP might finally release their much awaited Multi Jet Fusion, MJF machine. As well as XJet … Read More

The Latest News from the World of Laser Based Metallic Additive Manufacturing

On Tuesday the 22nd of March I attended Cranfield Universities Laser Additive Manufacturing workshop. Organised with the AILU (Association of Laser Users), the workshop brought together a wide variety of perspectives on the state of metals technologies in the industry. Not just powder bed processes but also cladding type strategies as well. The following blog … Read More

3D Printing in Biotech & Pharma

Peptides, proteins, sugars, nucleic acids and fractional distillation, antibody, vaccine, host cells – have i strayed into the wrong conference room? No not at all. Actually i am sitting in the comfort of the Waldorf Astoria Berlin at the 6th Annual Biotechnology and Pharma Innovation summit, where Stratasys Strategic consulting have been discussing the potential game … Read More