Speaking out

One of the most enjoyable aspects of being a 3D Printing consultant is attending industry conferences. I have been lucky to spend over 20-years now attending 3D Printing conferences from Texas to Shanghai, Goa India to Portland Oregon and from London to Tel Aviv. Conferences are one of the most valuable ways of developing networks. Conferences expose us to cutting-edge business and technology developments and of course let us socialize with our peers (the University of Texas ranch parties are legendary). Conferences are also a great opportunity to share your own thoughts, views and experiences.

Over the last few months I have been busy running around the world raising awareness of the work that we are now doing at Stratasys Strategic Consulting. Of course, most of what we do for our clients we can’t talk openly about, but that doesn’t stop us having views on the wider 3D Printing sector and its place in today’s society. To share my thoughts with a wider audience, I have pulled together a few videos of recent conference presentations that I made in Nashville USA, Stockholm Sweden and Birmingham UK. Apologies if some of the messaging seems repetitive, but I am passionate about our 3D printed future and its a message I want to share – enjoy.


A recent Webinar by Phil in November 2016, where he talks about 3D printing being a tool to support the business innovation process



An interview with Phil on the 2nd November 2015 in Birmingham UK where he talks about how companies are getting past the hype-cycle and starting to identify sustainable applications for 3D printing 




Phil talks about methodologies for developing corporate wide 3D Printing strategies at the TCT conference & exhibition on 2nd November 2015 at the National Exhibition Center in Birmingham UK



Phil talks about the impact of 3D printing on society and the socioeconomic mega trends driving technology adoption at the IVA Science and Society Forum “3D Printing – Beyond the tipping point” on the 22nd October 2015 in Stockholm Sweden


Phil interviewed by Sky News talking about the use of 3D Printed surgical models to reduce theater time and healthcare costs in Oct 2015














Phil talks about methodologies and strategies for the industrial adoption of 3D printing at the Stratasys Direct Manufacturing customer summit in Nashville Tennessee on the 9th July 2015


SDM event