Global Megatrends and 3D Printing

Leading strategic forecasting consultants Z_Punkt have for a number of years done an amazing job pulling together a detailed synopsis of the Global Megatrends that are effecting consumers, citizens, patients, communities, society, industry and the planet as a whole.

For those not in the know, Megatrends, as the name suggests, are those high level shifts or trends taking place around us. Most of the time we don’t notice them, as like most trends, their onset is gradual. However, analyzing and following Megatrends is an important tool within the business innovation and strategy toolbox, and something we pay close attention to at Stratasys Strategic Consulting.

Global Megatrends are an important barometer for change that can be used to identify emerging opportunities and threats to both established and embryonic businesses. With these threats and opportunities in mind, we use the Megatrends to help our clients ideate new applications for 3D printing, including new product types, new business models, new supply chains and new value chains.

To share ‘some’ of our thinking with you, we thought it might be interesting to ‘mash-up’ the thoughts of both consulting practices into one table, where we have looked at almost all* of the Z_Punkt Megatrends and how we see 3D printing being used to respond, both now and in the future.


Below you will find the first nine of the Megatrends – we will publish the remaining eleven soon.




*we have not included the mega trend ‘changes to gender roles’ in our review, as frankly we can’t see how it relates to 3D printing all