What we do for our clients

At Stratasys Strategic Consulting we support and empower our clients to develop & implement strategies that transform the way they imagine, design, manufacture & deliver products using 3D printing.



Stratasys are the world’s leading 3D Printing Company. We have been in the business of 3D printing for almost 30-years developing a truly global footprint. We design, manufacture and sell 3D printing hardware and materials, we run subcontract 3D printing factories, we develop innovative 3D printing software solutions and we provide 3D printing related services including objective, strategic & independent consultancy. Stratasys Strategic Consulting provides clients around the world with independent, agnostics and expert advice on all aspect of 3D printing, ensuring the adoption of the most appropriate technology solutions across the supply chain.


Our approach is to look holistically across your business, supply chain and value chain to identify both near term and longer term 3D printing opportunities. We approach 3D printing consulting as a staged process that ensures the generation of innovative 3D printing ideas, the technical and economic evaluation of those ideas, and the construction of road-maps, strategies and partnerships to implement and exploit those ideas.


Slide3Product and service ideation – Our ideation process start by helping your staff understand the capabilities and constraint of 3D along with the competitive landscape and the mega-trends impacting your customer. We then use proven facilitation techniques to stimulate and down select new product concepts enabled through 3D printing. We then work with you to put the technical sense and economic logic behind what makes a great 3D printing idea.





Slide5Technical and socioeconomic evaluation  – Once you have a great 3D printing idea, the next step is to identify an appropriate technology solution and to test it’s technical and economic feasibility. At Stratasys Strategic Consulting we have a range of proprietary software tools centered on the selection and identification of 3D printing materials and processes. We then use further software tools to model the production economics of using 3D printing along with modelling the wider societal implications of 3DP adoption, such as the environmental impact, supply chain optimization or lead-time compression enabled through 3D printing. Where there is no capable 3D printing technology available, we are able to develop product and material road-maps highlighting the research and development steps needed to achieve commercialization.


Slide4Corporate strategy development – To maximize the benefits of 3D printing, we believe that it is important to develop a corporate wide 3D printing strategy. Such a strategy will consider the implications of 3D printing adoption on your products and services and the way you engage with your customers. It will consider the way you capture, transmit and translate data within your supply chain and how personal or geometric data is captured from your customers. It will look at the configuration of 3D printing hardware within your business, including the optimum capacity and the optimum location within the supply chain. The strategy will also consider the legal, regulatory and quality implications of 3D printing to your business, along with the life-cycle of the products that you bring to market, including end-of-life, disposal or reuse. Your strategy will of course also address the level of capital investment needed and the profile of the return on that capital investment along with the wider risks and rewards of 3D printing adoption.


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