Our people are at the core of what we do. With some of the world’s leading thinkers in 3D printing and additive technologies, our expertise spans manufacturing, design, innovation, retail, R&D, people and corporate strategy.

Dr Phil Reeves

Vice President, Stratasys Strategic Consulting

Dr. Phil Reeves has worked in the field of advanced manufacturing for over 20 years. He was the founder, managing director and principle consultant at Econolyst Ltd. until Stratasys acquired the company in 2015.

From health care to warfare, gaming to durable goods, and recreation to education, Phil has worked with organizations worldwide to integrate additive manufacturing for maximum impact. Phil is at home facilitating innovation sessions that bring business opportunities into focus and working out solutions to fit each specific need.

He has advised government agencies, written articles and contributed to books illuminating the effects of additive manufacturing on society and the environment, and he continues to lecture extensively on that topic. Phil holds a doctorate degree in advanced manufacturing from Nottingham University.

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Loic Le Merlus

Senior Consultant, Stratasys Strategic Consulting

Loic Le Merlus leads the development of algorithms that drive our proprietary analysis tools. He also works closely with many of our clients to analyze complex data and understand the economic impact that 3D printing and additive manufacturing could have on their businesses. In other words, he puts the numbers behind the hype. Loic has also led projects to quantify the environmental impact of the technology, working with users and vendors across the additive manufacturing industry.

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Dave Hayden

Consultant, Stratasys Strategic Consulting

Dave has a master’s degree in mechanical engineering from the University of Sheffield, where he gained exposure to both high speed sintering and laser sintering technologies. He now works as a consultant providing technical insight into the broad range of projects we undertake. Dave has a passion for helping companies realize digital manufacturing strategies and takes a keen interest in the development of industry 4.0. As a CAD wizard he is also involved in producing AM parts for our clients and enjoys projects that incorporate both electronics and mechanical systems.

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Oliver Smith

Consultant, Stratasys Strategic Consulting

With a degree in modelmaking from the Art’s University Bournemouth and a passion for the intersection between 3D printing and retail, Oliver Smith brings a brilliant creative and entrepreneurial perspective to our team. He leads product innovation and retail activities, drawing on his extensive design experience and deep retail-industry knowledge. His innovation and ingenuity are well-grounded in economics, technological constraints and consumer expectations.

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Alexandra Hussey

Research Analysis, Stratasys Strategic Consulting

Alexandra holds a master’s degree in Product Design and Manufacture from the University of Nottingham where she focused on many aspects of commercial 3D Printing and rapid prototyping. Alexandra carries out detailed analysis & research to help our team fully understand key industries and deliver their consulting services. She brings a practical approach to design problems, finding a balance between manufacturing practicality and design creativity. With expertise in user-centred design for AM and human factors, she is able to provide truly commercial and innovative solutions for AM.