Stratasys Consulting reviews UK 3D printing research landscape

One of the most important aspects of delivering 3D printing consultancy is the ability to develop robust methods of road mapping, scouting future innovations and monitoring trends within the sector. One of the most valuable ways of doing this is to look towards the science base, such as universities and government research labs and the map … Read More

Global Megatrends and 3D Printing

Leading strategic forecasting consultants Z_Punkt have for a number of years done an amazing job pulling together a detailed synopsis of the Global Megatrends that are effecting consumers, citizens, patients, communities, society, industry and the planet as a whole. For those not in the know, Megatrends, as the name suggests, are those high level shifts … Read More

Speaking out

One of the most enjoyable aspects of being a 3D Printing consultant is attending industry conferences. I have been lucky to spend over 20-years now attending 3D Printing conferences from Texas to Shanghai, Goa India to Portland Oregon and from London to Tel Aviv. Conferences are one of the most valuable ways of developing networks. Conferences … Read More

Getting our hands dirty with 3D Printing (Part 2)

Over the last 10 years, Stratasys Strategic Consulting have spent a lot of time developing software to analyse the cost of 3D printing. Labour is still a big element of the cost and so to refine our cost models further, we sent our Senior Consultant, Loic Le Merlus to the Stratasys EMEA demo centre in … Read More

Materials in Additive Manufacturing – Polymers

Who’s got Russian roots, a beard of wizardly proportions and between 11 and 17 siblings? Well it couldn’t be anyone other than Dmitri Mendeleev. The number of siblings he had seems to be widely disputed among classical sources, but something that certainly isn’t, is his contributions to the field of chemistry during the 19th century. … Read More

Reaching a consensus on 3D printing business benefits and constraints

Given all the noise around 3D Printing, it’s easy to see why non-engineers often champion the technology as a panacea for manufacturing change. 3D Printing can be used to reduce part weight, reduce raw material consumption, enable cost effective low volume production, enable personalization and customization, support new retail models and supply chains and allow … Read More

3D Printing for Innovation

On the 20th of November Stratasys Strategic Consulting (SSC) was invited to participate at a Business Innovation Summit jointly organised by HSBC and KPMG at their Canary Wharf headquarters. The event was intended to foster a discussion on innovation in business, its opportunities and also its pitfalls. A highlight video of the event can be seen on … Read More

From Econolyst to the Economist – what a difference a year makes

  It’s almost exactly one year ago that I found myself sitting on the top floor of the Frankfurt Marriott late one night having a heated discussion about selling my consulting practice to Stratasys. My sparring partner was the Stratasys Vice President of mergers and acquisitions. The mood was cautious, the body language awkward the … Read More

Spare parts bin.

Will 3D Printing Replace the Warehouse?

Spare parts inventory can represent a significant portion of a company’s balance sheet but it’s something that nobody wants. Spare parts are held as insurance, whether that’s against downtime for components on your production line or to provide ongoing support to your customers. Managing this inventory is challenging, ensuring that you have just the right … Read More

Why This is Important:

Spare parts inventory can represent a significant portion of a company’s balance sheet.

Makies preserves their brand

Why brands shouldn’t throw their design heritage under the 3D Printing bus

If the media is to be believed, 3D Printing has already staked its claim on our highstreets and in our malls.  3D Printed shoes that fit you as effortlessly as a glass slipper, bio-algorithmically designed jewellery and a literal infinite selection of the ubiquitous 3D printed iPhone case.  In reality, these complex and unique products, … Read More